Our leather

Our moccasins are made from the finest Ecopell vegetable tanned leather. They are extremely soft, breathable and especially suitable for kids that are susceptible to allegies.

Where does the leather come from?

Our leather is produced by Ecopell, a family-run business from the south of Germany. The harmlessness to health and skin-and allergy friendliness and have been proven by indepentent tests and are certified by the International Association of Natural Textile Industry and the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.

Is your leather sustainable?

The hides are produced in Germany. Therefore longs transportation distances are being avoided.

What is the difference between vegetable tanned and chrome tanned leather?

Traditional chrome tanned leather is suspected to be harmful to one’s health. We use leather, that is tanned with vegetable based tan like rhubarb. Harmlessness is therefore guaranteed.

Why are not all moccasins identical looking?

There can occur small uneveness on some parts of the lather. The cattle used for the hides are living mainly outdoors, therefore scars, scratches and insect stings are common. Those natural characteristics are no defects but rather a good sign because the natural features of the leather have not been sealed with chemical substances. Also the colours can vary slightly. You can find more info here www.natural-marks.eu/

You want to know more? Find more answers in our FAQ’s.

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